Monday, November 8, 2010

But Am I Living It?

As I watch my mind and my experience do all the human things, from the lowest to the highest, I wonder: When am I not living my sacredness? The only answer I have is: Never. It's impossible to not be the sacred beings we are. The truth is, I am just having the human experience in all of its flavors from the sublime to the low. And THIS AWARENESS is how I love myself.

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  1. Hi Giselle, I resonate with your (universal) ideas, however have one question mark. You do not talk about the shadow/false identity/ego issue? I'm working with the concept of transparency/spirituality in business. It is about new forms of communication and cooperation. My view is that if you want to reach for the highest you need to face the lowest, both on personal and collective (company) level. This is a very dirty process. There is simply no shortcut here. Otherwise one will land in the world of illusions offered by popular personal development techniques like e.g. couching. How do you communicate to people that they will have to eventually confront their shadows?
    Kind regards,