Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Message about Gladiators

A Message about Gladiators
from Marcus Aurelius
Channeled by Giselle Koy 

Gladiators are making a comeback. They have been confined to just the football fields and wrestling rings for a while now but that is changing. Protectors, defenders, fighters - they are showing up because they are needed. 

This Ascension needs all manner of POWER BEINGS. We are all now in it to the DEATH – the death of duality and the death of suffering. Bring in the ferocious lions and we will lay with them – laying down the fight and turning instead against the consciousness that pitted us against each other. Gladiators are rising once again for the spectacle of slaying our shadows.

A Message from the Love Masters

A Message from The Love Masters
About Love Connections
Channeled by Giselle Koy

Who are we? We work as a team to blow up your love concepts out of a flattened, linear, 3D perspective into a holographic field of love in which to reside. Your concepts of love to date are ready to be re-constituted into your new 5D and beyond reality.

Love is not directed or received so much as it is a field. It is the elegant resting place of the heart and soul where one can relax, knowing that the universe is great and good and wants only the very best for you. Not only does it want the best, it is tirelessly working so that you shall have that feeling, that knowing and assurance.

We, the Love Masters, also work in the area of personal RelatingShips. In fact, this is our busiest season ever for we are assisting in aligning all with the perfect energy/partner/situation for maximum love absorption. Imagine how much love energy you can absorb and then hold until it can no longer be contained. Then it can be shared and shared endlessly.

To work with us, you must forget all that you know or think you know in the area of how love works. For it is our own ideas that keep us blind to all the love around us.
But don’t work too hard at this. Let us, the Love Masters do what we do. Yes, you just need to be ready with your great big willing heart to soak it up!

It is flowing now, sending you in new directions in your life; places and ways of relating up until now you would never have considered. Therein lies the refreshing, renewing, re-inventing ways of love. They are on your doorstep now. Invite them in!

We, the Love Masters, love to do our job – We got this!

Think of us like a soul band – irresistible to everyone! That is how we slide under the radar to deliver you fresh hot original love connections!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Message for Advanced Lightworkers

A Message from Hilarion 
Time to Organize 
Channeled by Giselle Koy

What is an advanced lightworker? It is a level of light working that many of you are now being called onto. Consider it a great blessing because it is a greater way to serve. More will be asked of you, the more you do.

In this way, you become a stealth force - quiet, invisible and very powerful. For it is in the surrendering of recognition you advance. You may not receive any acknowledgment for your service. Once you truly let that go, you can step into advanced levels of sharing light. You will feel yourself called to share light and will be magnetized to light sending groups and similar avenues.

All of this is one big current flowing in the direction of group consensus and coordination – A UNIFIED EFFORT - among the lightworkers. It will be many called into a Unison of Effort at the right moment.

Along the way, there will be many smaller triumphs – the results you may never see. But that is not why you are sending light – you are sending light because you are called to send light.

Find your light sending groups and organize yourselves into the unseen and brilliant force you are called to be in. Keep it simple by just sending light to the same place/person/event at the same time from wherever you are. Same focus and same time for now. Your light will be like a lens, dialing in higher frequencies where needed, where we cannot reach.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

I Am the Platinum Ray

I AM the Platinum Ray
A Galactic Message
Channeled by Giselle Koy

The Platinum Ray is here now to teach. It has been a while for I assist with purifying energy and frequency prior to Ascension. I am ancient but rare for my use is rare. How many times does a planet need a fiercely non-negotiable ray of the highest purity?
Well now is such a time. For all the progress that has been made by cleansing and purifying the planet as well as humankind, there is still another level. Whereas the Violet Flame protects, transforms and transmutes, the Platinum ray strikes; activating impeccable integrity. It is a purification amongst the already very high frequencies therefore working in the upper octaves.

Just as the spoken declaration of the I Am Presence activates so does my spoken name, 
The Platinum Ray.
Work with me in your meditations and visualizations. Allow my presence and the word of my name to infuse this dimension with these higher galactic frequencies. Here are My Decrees:

I Am the Platinum Ray
I Am the Quickening Ray of Ascension
I Am the Virtuous Frequency of Impeccability
I Am the Silver Light of Intense Purity
I Am the Atomic Structure of the Ethereal Swords of Archangel Michael and Excalibur
I Am the Razor’s Edge of Perfection
I Am the Twin Ray of the Golden Christed Ray
I Am the Quickening Ray of Ascension

Monday, August 13, 2012

Three Sacred Drops

Three Sacred Drops 
A Message for the Healing of the Oceans from Jesus
~ Channeled by Giselle Koy 

See me on the mountain, then see me on every mountain, then see the total grid of me, the grid of Christ Consciousness: All Pervasive. The golden filigreed net now surrounding the planet. Not many other planets have such a specific light halo as this, for it is My Crown.

It was a pleasure to walk the earth as I did. I wish all of you could experience such destiny for it was the essence of the entire human experience some of which you may come to know. Yes, religious texts got many things wrong but have mercy for their understanding did not hold the capacity to translate such light. It is just now that light levels such as these are accessible.

Me with the lamb. Yes. Imagine a small child holding a kitten for the first time. That is how I hold the lamb and how all of you might hold what is beloved to you. Tender is the way. Tender is the real currency. Tender is what the earth is parched for. Tender is the gentle rain. Tender is the giant who picks a flower. Tender is a vibration you can feel. Work with tenderness today in all things. Bring it to all interactions as soft power and the sweet salve for all things to be in better harmony. Tender is the melted heart for that is what the solar flares are helping with – the right kind of heat to melt hardened hearts – the instantaneous flash of light so strong, no hardened heart can remain in that state.

I bring you the gentlest and tenderest of all messages on this day. It is the sound of the New Dawn Dawning, tender and precious as a dew drop, and a man’s tear, and a drop of a formula containing all healing. These things are more intricately linked than you can imagine. For in cleansing and purifying and recognizing the purity of those three drops, the oceans will be cleansed and balanced. All water is connected and there is but ONE BODY of water on this planet.

Ocean Healing
Sending love to all oceans, rivers, streams, aquatic life, coral reefs, fish and crustaceans, whales who carry The Song, mermaids, indigo seas, turquoise beaches, emerald coves, Poseidon and all sea gods and goddesses, treasures buried, tender shorelines and grand intersections of land masses and oceans.
We cleanse together on this day.

The Path of Ascension