Saturday, October 31, 2009

Optional Paradise

It's a gorgeous day in Austin, Texas, and I'm paralyzed with too many options. Classic car and hot rod show with tatooed hotties, Congress avenue with local flavor, UT game, Yankees game, hip hop class, run around town lake, Daily Juice.....and Halloween!!
I have lately been finding myself paralyzed with too many options. What to do, who to see, what costume to wear for the day. It's kinda crazy and reaching unheard of proportions. Too much good shit. Anybody else having this problem?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's Each Other We're Looking For

For over ten years, I have had a devout meditation practice. Every morning for at least an hour, I formally meditate. Lately it seems to be changing. It just doesn’t seem to connect me to “source” in the same way.
This is very strange as going “inside” is one of the best parts of life and what my life has been devoted to. It it has been my way to stay in reverence and grounded in the sacred. It is THE WAY according to many mystics from many traditions.

One of my favorite writers, Karen Bishsop,
talks about the practice of meditation and how it is really not necessary anymore in this new paradigm. In fact she reports that it is difficult to connect to source in this way. According to Karen, the new way to connect to source is through, OK, get ready because this is a big idea:


When I heard this, I was skeptical, even though so many things are changing rapidly in this new paradigm. But it’s true. Things have changed and are continuing to change. I find myself in so many conversations lately with people who are ready to meet their “life partners.” These are die-hard single people who now for some reason seem to be wanting their “match” to show up. These are people who have "gone beyond the dream" and "know" that another person is not going to fulfill them. Yet, they find themselves desiring something more.....

For the first time in nine years, I am ready for a true life partner to show up; someone who will rock my world in a good way, beyond my wildest imagination. And I no longer desire to spend so much time alone. I am coming out of social seclusion and reaching out to friends, lovers and…………the world! And already new people are showing up. So for all of us looking for our perfect partners, stay tuned because they are on their way! Whatever we are reaching for is reaching for us.....

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Is Sexy the New Spiritual?

The World Doesn't Need Another Spiritual Teacher In the New paradigm. The guru is being replaced by the inner guru and the new spiritual teacher is the one who makes you feel better; about being human, about your life, about loving yourself and about what is.
I want to go to the bookstore and get something juicy so I can get right to the meat. I donʼt want to have to labor through some dense spiritual work. I want chocolate covered sushi; the protein and the dessert together, jet fuel with a cherry on top.
I never really thought spirituality would go out of style and of course it doesn't really. It just changes flavors. Sometimes we are devout and reverent and sometimes we are craving the colorful, lusty world. It just seems like the times right now are all about reaching the sacred through the human buffet. Is sexy the new spiritual?

Friday, October 9, 2009

Radio Interview on Soul Lab about Musing

soullabsmallHad a great time with my interview on Soul Lab last night. We talked about "muse technology," living the full human experience, how to create a vibrational diet and much more. Fun!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Love Wet T-Shirt Events

Last week-end, I went to the three day music festival in Austin, Texas, known as ACL. Something like 150 bands and eight stages. The second day it poured rain all day and was basically a wet T-shirt contest with a loud musical score. The third day the entire venue was a giant mud pit. I went from the soaring high of being back-stage during Jack White's sloungy rock set with Dead Weather to the lowest of lows being spit out into the crowd and the 8" deep mud pit. It was crazy fun. Around 50,000 fans were there, mud-dogging it, some naked, Woodstock style. That's 50,000 people slopping around in the mud for one thing:
I love that and I feel good about life on this planet as long as this is happening.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Us Artists Know What We Need

Take a bath in this wisdom and rethink your life's schedule....