Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's Each Other We're Looking For

For over ten years, I have had a devout meditation practice. Every morning for at least an hour, I formally meditate. Lately it seems to be changing. It just doesn’t seem to connect me to “source” in the same way.
This is very strange as going “inside” is one of the best parts of life and what my life has been devoted to. It it has been my way to stay in reverence and grounded in the sacred. It is THE WAY according to many mystics from many traditions.

One of my favorite writers, Karen Bishsop,
talks about the practice of meditation and how it is really not necessary anymore in this new paradigm. In fact she reports that it is difficult to connect to source in this way. According to Karen, the new way to connect to source is through, OK, get ready because this is a big idea:


When I heard this, I was skeptical, even though so many things are changing rapidly in this new paradigm. But it’s true. Things have changed and are continuing to change. I find myself in so many conversations lately with people who are ready to meet their “life partners.” These are die-hard single people who now for some reason seem to be wanting their “match” to show up. These are people who have "gone beyond the dream" and "know" that another person is not going to fulfill them. Yet, they find themselves desiring something more.....

For the first time in nine years, I am ready for a true life partner to show up; someone who will rock my world in a good way, beyond my wildest imagination. And I no longer desire to spend so much time alone. I am coming out of social seclusion and reaching out to friends, lovers and…………the world! And already new people are showing up. So for all of us looking for our perfect partners, stay tuned because they are on their way! Whatever we are reaching for is reaching for us.....


  1. wow~really, wow! this is a message I can relate too. thanx for sharing your gift....

  2. Giselle,

    Did you know that for this very purpose of bring intensely passionate lovers together for long term sacred sexual life partnership that channels the sexual energy into the conscious creation of their life together is the secret reason I designed the world famous ClearTalk technology?

    I designed it for the lover I dreamed of being with. The woman who would be willing to accept and allow this man to provide a way of handling and directing the forces that act upon lovers.

    To direct them into whatever we consciously choose to create together. That is my secret that coming out. I never intended to develop my technology for anyone else. Just for me and her.

    IN my drive and passion to be able to stay together and be committed together in the wildness of the Aquarian transformation we are all intensely living.

    Not many people know this about me and ClearTalk. It was just something that happened in the process of preparing for "my partner" that the technology got out there to individual people who testify it is the most effective manifest what you want technology on the planet.

    For individuals. But I designed it for lovers to use. I want lovers to use it. I designed it for my lover and me. The one I stay with, who stays with me, gloriously.

    Another You,

    With Peace and Love and Appreciation and Support for your blog message today. Real tangible support of high value and high intensity for the highest good.


  3. How beautiful JoreJj! Thank you for sharing your love and support. How can I learn more about ClearTalk?
    ~ Giselle

  4. The best way to learn more about ClearTalk is by using it. That is why I arranged to make it extremely accessible even though it is extremely valuable, on my site.

    However I responded to your blog post because you inspired in me the higher expression and definition of why I actually designed ClearTalk. To think about how strange it is that in doing that preparing for my lover partner, for her and I to have this to help us be spectacular and to STAY TOGETHER with every increasing pleasure joy success health to have it all.

    In doing that I ended up becoming a self help publisher and a world expert on mind power. Kind of a side track to just getting with my lover but ended up testing the technology and strengthening it.

    I think it works for individuals because of the masculine and feminine energy inside of each of us. You know the polarity, left brain right brain, that sort of thing. Even though it was intended for lovers. Not even "lovers" but me and my lover that I was dreaming of.

    I think you personally can handle and relate to the truer concept and idea of what it is. So generally speaking to learn more about ClearTalk a person would get that really good by going to my site.

    You personally I would prefer and we would probably both more enjoy and get a more accurate and precise transmission of it through experiencing it to you. I will Facebook you my phone number and you can call me. The site doesn't really address the deeper aspect of using it with your lover, or in your case, to get to your lover and prepare for and be ready for and when you do to have this.

    I would like to give you that choice. To empower you that you could use this like that, and I would prefer to do that personally over the phone.

    Thanks for your inspiration in your posting as it is helping push me to reach out to share this more with people like you who are into lovers and being partners and being lovers and have that concept and readiness, as that is more aligned with what this really is, even though it has become world famous and as a PERSONAL growth tool. I believe that being lovers is the ultimate personal growth and that ClearTalk is a great assistance for people to be lovers steadily and magically with great amazing miraculous activation of their powers to live a glorious life.

    With Love and Peace,


  5. p.s. Regarding your meditation experience I remember hearing Barry Long say on a CD I heard that the light and presence generated by an experienced meditator pales in comparison to two lovers making love together. My paraphrase.

    And then two lovers doing ClearTalk? What kind of light does that make as ClearTalk is a very high end active interactive mediation of mind focus.