Sunday, August 9, 2009

Learning to Love the Shades of Grey

I’m learning to love the shades of grey. How have I gotten by so far, being so black and white? This is very limiting! As I am trying to make my way out of such duality, I realize it is all about the language.

Language is a door to exploring new ways of being. We live according to our words and concepts based on words. So if we expand and evolve our words as we do, WE expand and evolve.


Black and White Languaging

I have a boyfriend. An ex-boyfriend comes to town after a long time. I want to see him, but I feel like I would be cheating. All I really want to do is see him and talk to him. The limitation of my mind and it's language is creating conflict.

The shades of grey reveal a totally separate reality. The language in my head may go something like this:

Grey Languaging

Wow, I wonder why this ex-boyfriend is showing up at this time in my life? Who knows why? The most natural thing would be to see him and find out and even integrate him into my life. Maybe he is supposed to meet my current boyfriend for some reason unknown to me. Maybe he is here to heal something between us from the past. Maybe this will bring a new intimacy with my current boyfriend and I, as we go through this. What an opportunity!

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